To Market, To Market…

It’s that time of year again – market time in Atlanta! I am asked often about my “market trips”, so

Lamps of Twin Companies

It’s that time of year again – market time in Atlanta! I am asked often about my “market trips”, so I thought I would give you a peek into a few things that caught my eye on my recent trip. I was there for 4 days and I WAS ABOUT DEAD when I came home!

AmericasMart (official name for “market”) is full of great products and inspiration. I take a zillion pictures each time I go and constantly refer back to them when working with my clients. I’ve pulled a few favorites to share today, but this was not easy for me to do. I saw A LOT of things I would like to put in my house right now! To put in perspective the size of market, here is a shot inside one of the buildings.

Market Building of Twin Companies


I have been told I may have an addiction to lighting. I will admit I do – and I am proud of it! Lighting is such an important element in design. The right light fixture can take a room from average to WOW!

Lighting of Twin Companies

Lighting 2 of Twin Companies

Lighting 3 of Twin Companies

Lighting 4 of Twin Companies


Art is everywhere and continues to evolve. Some prints are really bold and unique (my favorites) and some are subtle, but still amazing.  I wish I could have taken some of these home with me to try in the homes of my clients. Trust me, the pictures don’t do these pieces justice. They were even more amazing in person!

How cute would this alphabet wall be in a kid’s space?!

Art 1 of Twin Companies

Art 2 of Twin Companies
These were the prettiest shade of blush. Speaking of blush, it is a big color this year!

Art 3 of Twin Companies

The detail on these was stunning in person!

Art 4 of Twin Companies

Designer Vignettes

At market, there are display spaces for designers from all over.  I love to visit these spaces,  and am always so inspired by them. These were some of my favorites:

Designer Space 1 of Twin Companies

Designer Space 2 of Twin Companies

And, because I have not had time to organize my market pictures (something I promise myself I will do after every trip, but never get around to!), here are some other random pictures. If you see something you have to have, feel free to contact me and I’ll be glad to hook you up!

Pillow of Twin Companies

Pillows of Twin Companies

Lamps of Twin Companies

Dresser of Twin Companies

Vanity of Twin Companies

Pineapple of Twin Companies

Until next time, AmericasMart!! I’ll rest up until then, because I will need it (and some comfy shoes!)

PS- I want to get this for my 13 year old daughter. She wore her Dorothy costume and red sparkly shoes every day when she was 3! “There’s no place like home……” (Sniff, Sniff!)

Red Shoes of Twin Companies

By Laurie Fulkerson, Interior Designer

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