Meet Brad…


Well, he’s a master of many things, our Brad.  Operations Manager is his title, but he’s also our go-to-office-chair installer, our favorite Christmas caroler, and THE best impersonator during operations meetings.  Brad is quick with a smile, a kind word and a thoughtful gesture.  We give him a hard time about homeowner mispronunciations, messy-Marvin work-shirts and crazy Friday hair.  However, we all love the big guy.  How could you not? So you can love Brad as much as we do, we wanted to share this exclusive interview.

1. What could you eat ten of? Hershey kisses

2. What was your first job? Landscaping

3. What one word best describes you? Loyal

4. If you could be in a movie, what movie would it be and which character? Mel Gibson, Braveheart

5. What is your favorite childhood game? Word find

6. What’s your biggest pet peeve? Dishonesty

7. What song makes you want to get up and dance? Brown eyed girl

8. If you could be an expert on any subject, what would it be? Hunting

9. What is one thing you refuse to share? French fries

10. What animal or insect disgusts you most? Spiders