Seasonal of Twin Companies

Our goal at Twin Construction is to provide our clients with the home of their dreams. After all is said and done, every homeowner has a responsibility to protect their biggest investment. I’m not talking about home security and a good neighborhood watch group, but the kind of protection that involves a caulk gun and new smoke alarms. Here is a guide to seasonal maintenance to protect your home sweet home…

  1. Clean your gutters.
  2. Check caulk around windows and doors. Look for cracks and re-caulk/seal as needed.
  3. Check weather stripping at exterior doors. Make sure doors are closing properly and sealing well.
  4. Check drainage around your home. Look to make sure foundation drains are open and flowing freely. Make sure no areas around the home are washing/eroding away. You want positive drainage away from the home’s foundation when possible.
  5. Inspect your roof from the ground. Look for any loose shingles, humps in roofing, broken shingles, etc.
  6. Check wooden decks and handrails for loose boards.
  7. Walk around the exterior of your home and inspect siding, paint, brick, etc.
  8. Replace HVAC filters (this should be done several times a year).
  9. Re-seal countertops.
  10. Re-seal marble flooring.
  11. Change batteries in smoke detectors.
  12. Check fire extinguisher. Every home should have at least one.

Hopefully, staying on top of these items each season will prevent surprises down the road!

By Brad Kelly, VP Operations