Birmingham Home and Garden
July/August 2009
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Owner: Tracey and John Gardner, Mountain Brook
Design: Sandra Lynn; John Loglisci

Timeless Design – Before, this award winning kitchen was “cramped, and dimly lit, with a lay-in ceiling, black and white vinyl flooring, and wood paneling on the walls,” recalls architectural designer John Loglisci who aided with the renovation before he joined his current firm. John, along with Sandra Lynn of Lynn Allen Design helped shape the space into a lighter, brighter kitchen that easily accommodates this busy family of four.


John notes that Tracey and John Gardner wanted to enlarge the kitchen so it could serve its main function better with modern appliances, fixtures, marble countertops, and a computer station. “Tracey stressed to me that she wanted the modern conveniences, but wanted the kitchen to blend in and be an attractive part of the home,” he says. Sandra was an important part of that process. She helped choose a new backsplash, chocolate leather barstools, and glass knobs that match the original doors. And since Tracey wanted to use Alabama white marble, Sandra says she brought in grey colors. “The island color picks up the grey and blue-greens in the tile backsplash – it has a glazed finish with an extra thick limestone slab for more wow factor,” Sandra says.


“You will also notice the existing kitchen cabinet and the arched top window which Tracey had us refurbish and incorporate into the renovation,” John says. Another neat feature? The deep window ledge above the sink which Sandra notes is filled with a potted herb garden. Sandra says that “Tracey loves gardening and cooking with fresh ingredients. Also, a bird habitat has been created right outside the sink window.”

Construction: Twin Construction, Inc., Project Manager: Brad Kelly

> Download Article (852 KB PDF)