This week, our cabinet designers, Lauren and Crystal, are sharing some of their favorite Twin kitchens and designs, and the reasons why they love them!

Lauren’s Favorites…

This kitchen holds a special place in my heart because of ALL the accents! All of the natural wood and brass details paired with planking for days just make this kitchen so cozy!

Kitch 1 of Twin Companies


I have always loved fun built-ins and cozy nooks that create a focal point and make a home custom.

Kitch 2 of Twin Companies

Kitch 3 of Twin Companies


Lastly, this kitchen always steals my attention! I love the way it captures light from all the windows and creates interest with a beautiful custom built piece.Kitch 4 of Twin Companies


Crystal’s Favorites…

In studying a few of my favorite projects, a common theme came to light.  (Pun intended!) These kitchens embrace that glorious natural light that lifts the spirit of the room and all who enter it!

Kitch 5 of Twin Companies

Kitch 6 of Twin Companies

Photo credit: Heather Durham Photography

Kitch 7 of Twin Companies