Cabinets in your kitchen can be one of the biggest WOW  statement pieces in your home. This is the perfect spot to turn your home up a few notches. We have helped bring to life every kind of kitchen idea and here are some our favorites we have seen:

  1. Top cabinet colors this year are definitely Gray & White. They go perfectly together and create a wonderful neutral backdrop                                                                      white cabinets
  2. There is also the “All White Everything” color palate for the more-elegant minded02-12-15 Twin Construction 010
  3. We also have the more edgy and bolder trends of color that are coming in hot this year: Navy Blue appears to be front runner and we are LOVING it!                                                                            blue
  4. The next big trend is Going Green | Not just efficiency wise  . . . but also the color palate . . . and what better spot than in your outdoor custom kitchen                                                                               green
  5. There there are also the { Oh So Daring } who choose to make a bigger statement with |deep | rich | dark | colors|                                                                                                                                                   bold                                                                               I hope these tips on trends have inspired you to think out of the box and try something new! We would love to help you make it happen!