Construction FAQs

What should a homeowner look for in a contractor?

A homeowner should look for a solid reputation, previous customers who were satisfied and references from the contractor.  We provide a reference list specific to the type of project you are considering and can even provide references for the actual superintendent that will be assigned to your project.  Twin Construction has established a network of proven subcontractors, vendors and employees to ensure that your most valuable investment is protected.  Independent customer surveys are sent to all of our clients after a project is complete. Click here to view our profile to see our past clients’ experiences with Twin.

What areas of town do you work?

Most of our projects are in the over-the-mountain areas (Homewood, Mountain Brook, Vestavia Hills, Hoover, etc).  Depending on the size and scope of the project we may work outside of these areas as well.

How does the bid process work?

Different jobs require different processes.  Twin recommends a team aspect to the bid process, in which the builder, homeowner, designer and architect all work together.  A typical job would begin with Twin Construction’s input on your ideas, resulting in a ballpark estimate.  At that time, we might recommend architects to develop preliminary drawings.  Twin can then take these drawings and generate a more accurate preliminary estimate.  Depending on the size and scope of the project, additional drawings and specifications may be called for to complete the final bid.  Drawings may not be needed for smaller projects.

Do I have to have architectural drawings before a consultation meeting?

Many projects do require architectural drawings, however, they are not required for our initial meetings. If drawings are needed we can help you find an architect that suits your project.

What if I don’t know exactly what I want to do to my house, but I know that it needs renovating?

For our initial meeting, the only thing we would request is your needs and wants list. From there we can talk about budgets, layout ideas and the step-by-step process to construction.

What are the next steps?

After you have selected Twin for your project, we will draw up our standard contracts for your review and set a start date and job schedule.  The project will move to the operation stage and you will meet with your operations manager and your project manager.

What types of contracts are there?

A fixed price contract gives a firm price, defining the scope of work to be performed and giving a budget for any allowance items to be selected by the homeowner.  A fixed price contract provides peace of mind to the homeowner due to the guaranteed price.

Who will be managing my project?

Prior to the start date, a Project Manager will be assigned to the job.  Our Project Manager will be your contact person throughout the project.  He will provide you with a project schedule and selection schedule, and also answer any questions that you may have.  In addition, David Siegel and our Senior Operations Manager are actively involved with managing all projects.  The Project Manager will oversee the project and be responsible for the job progress.  He is the link between the contractor, the homeowner, all vendors and subcontractors working on the project.

How will the integration of all 3 companies (Twin Cabinets, Twin Interiors and Twin Construction) benefit me?

In today’s busy world, construction and renovating can be an intimidating process. With so many decisions to make and the endless options available, it’s beneficial to have these services under one roof, working together on your project, to ensure seamless communication and produce a beautiful end result.

How do allowances work?

Your contract includes a budgeted amount for each allowance item that you need to select.  Since we don’t know your taste, this amount is our estimate of typical amounts that are spent in these categories.  You will only be charged for what you actually spend, so if you spend less than the budget, you will save money on your contract price.  If you spend more than the allowance, we will charge you for that.  You will always receive copies of every allowance bill so that you know exactly what you are being charged for.

Where do I shop?

You may purchase your allowances wherever you would like.  Twin Construction will also provide you a list of recommended vendors that we have established relationships with.  We can recommend certain vendors because we know they have competitive pricing, good scheduling, are reliable and easy to work with.

You may have your allowances billed to Twin and we will be happy to pick them up and have them delivered to the jobsite as well.

Will I be able to use your builders discount on allowance items?

Absolutely!!  Yes, we provide our builder’s discount to our homeowners.  Again, we provide a copy of each allowance bill we receive with your invoice.

How do you bill a client?

We invoice every two weeks for work completed.

What if we need to make a change to the scope of work during the project?

Homeowners always have the option to add, subtract or change any aspect of their project.  We will work with you to define the change and price appropriately.  You will receive a Change Order form to sign before we start on the work to be performed.  Twin will also notify you in writing if the change affects the job schedule.

Does Twin Construction warranty their work?

Yes we do.  We provide a one year warranty for your new space.